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The Best Recommend Headlamp

A headlamp is an absolutely essential piece of travel gear for backpackers and travelers. Here are some of the reasons why. Headlamps are 100x better than hand-held flashlights. The obvious reason? you can attach it to your head! This gives you hands-free access for reading a book in the dark, climbing into a cave, or searching through your backpack in the middle of the night. Plus if you really miss holding a flashlight — you can always put it in your hand if you really want to. I’ve owned a few headlamps over the years, but I really love my new headlamp RJ3000 and it’s the best headlamp I’ve ever used.   The Spot is extremely lightweight, has amazing battery life,...

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Choose your Headlamp for Outdoors. But HOW?

Most Headlamps are now using LEDs as their light source because it is rugged, energy-efficient and long-lasting. So When you’re setting up your tent at night, trail running at dusk, or just looking for something in your attic, you can't beat the hands-free lighting convenience offered by a headlamp. There are so many Headlamp in the market with murmurous Type, Price & Function. How to get start with? What sets one headlamp apart from another? How do you know what to buy? There are several main variables that differentiate headlamps. Headlamp Beam Type Flood (or Wide): Useful for general camp tasks, up-close repair work and reading. Flood beams ordinarily do not throw light a long distance. Spot (or Focused or Narrow): This...

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Whats Better than Outdoor Activities in Seattle?

Best outdoor activities in Seattle  In most US metropolises, you have to venture miles outside the city limits to enjoy anything remotely resembling an ‘outdoor’ experience. But, in Seattle, the urban-rural juxtaposition is a little less demarcated. Here are our top picks for outdoor activities in Seattle.  Mt Rainier and Lake Washington at sunset. Image by Feng Wei Photography / Movement / Getty Often referred to as the ‘Emerald City’ thanks to the lush evergreen forests nearby, Seattle’s sobriquet is no tourist-brochure euphemism. Bears and cougars have been sighted in the city’s rugged Discovery Park, fleece-wearing diners fresh from kayaking trips show up in downtown restaurants, and on clear days from numerous vantage points, Mt Rainier, a 14,411ft glacier-encrusted volcano, appears...

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